Where to begin where to begin…

This week has been quite the journey! After my classes were all finished (yay) I packed up my suitcase and caught the train to Paris. I have always dreamed about going to Paris so I had been looking forward to this trip forever. My friends and I stayed in a really neat flat from AirBnB in Montmartre near the Moulin Rouge and the Sacre Couer. The first day we just walked around the area and had a nice lunch somewhere as well as drinks at a hip bar close by.

The next morning we woke up really early (we’re talking around 8:30am) and had a traditional french breakfast aka a coffee and croissant. We did the most touristy thing we could think of and did one of the hop on hop off busses throughout the city. It was actually really fun and the best way to see everything in such a short amount of time. Although a bit overcast the whole weekend, we still sat on the open top and looked at all of the beautiful streets and buildings. We got off at certain places of course and saw the Notre Dame cathedral, arc de triumph, the Louvre, Musee D’Orsay, Eiffel Tower and others. It was such a wonderful day walking around Paris sightseeing. The french open was going on so there were tons of people on the lawn in front of the eiffel tower watching the match on a huge screen.

The last full day we checked out the Louvre for a few hours. We of course saw the famous paintings like the Mona Lisa but also viewed a lot of other cool works I had been studying in class this semester and was anxious to see. That place is so huge a person could spend forever in there and never get bored. After that we headed to a few cafes I wanted to see mainly because they were where Hemmingway hung out and one was a setting in the book The Sun Also Rises which I just finished this week. The cafes were a bit too posh for us so we went close by but it was still fun to see and picture him there.

Sunday we packed our bags yet again and hopped on another train to Switzerland. Currently I’m writing this from a guest room of Taylor’s family friends home they were so kind to let us stay in. Zurich is the most gorgeous city ever I am truly blown away. There is houses lined up along the mountain sides with a lake in the middle and the swiss alps showing in the background. This place looks like something out of a fairytale. There is also hardly any tourists which is really cool because that is all I am used to so its nice to be somewhere quieter. There probably isn’t many because it is also the most expensive place ever… like 22 swiss francs for a cocktail. Luckily though Taylor’s friend Nora and her family have been super nice and let us spend the week with them. Yesterday we had a barbecue on the porch that overlooks the whole city and it was perfect weather. Today we just walked around the town which is so clean and classy its insane. This week we are just making plans as we go but on Wednesday we are going to a circus!! A real circus and apparently its a super fancy/ritzy one. I honestly didn’t know they still had circuses so this is going to be hilarious to see I can’t wait!!

On Thursday I leave for Prague by plane!!

This is by far going to be the best month of my whole life. It already is.

Best wishes to all my family and friends… More pics coming soon because I didn’t bring my computer with me. They are good ones too, I promise.




Notre Dame

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